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Identifying Verb Tenses (Present and Past Tenses)


Crossword (Past Tense Spelling)

Scrambled Sentences (Verb Tenses)


Change Statements, Negatives and Questions (Verb Tenses)

"Chocolate Shop to Open Today" (Verb Tenses)


"Wordstretch" (Verb Tenses)

"FINCA International" (Verb Tenses)


"The Ins & Outs" [of Credit Cards] (Subjects & Verbs)

"The Big Disadvantage" [of Credit Cards] (Verb Tenses)


Frequency Adverbs

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Gerunds and Infinitives


Simple Present Tense


"How Much Can Animals Think and Feel?" (Conjunctions and Punctuation)

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"Danielle and Sarah's Canoeing Trip" (Conjunction Meanings)


"The Daily Struggle" (Quotes and Punctuation)

"The Funniest Jokes in History" (Nouns and Determiners)


Grammar Lesson - Introduction to Modal Verbs

Darwin Award Winners (Past Tense Modals)