Practice with Verb Tense Forms

Chocolate Shop to Open Today

reprinted without permission from the Saint Paul Pioneer Press
activity created by Daryl L. Beres

Read the article. Think about the correct verb forms. Choose the correct answers from the drop-down lists, and then press "Check."

Creative Confectionaire, a business specializing in hand-made truffles, had been operated from the home of Cindy and David Blomquist, a few miles south of Hastings. Today, the Blomquists are their operation out of their kitchen and into their own small factory and retail space. They to reveal their cooking secrets to the public during an open house at their new storefront in Hastings.

Along with tours of their new kitchen, the Blomquists will visitors free truffle samples. The store, at 216 E. Second St., hold its open house from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, or call 651-437-7788.

Frederick Melo, St. Paul Pioneer Press, 2/11/06, 2B.