Practice with Finding Subjects and Verbs

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Activity created by Daryl L. Beres

The Ins & Outs: What You Should Find Out About Credit Cards

Review the reading below (American Dream R?). Look for the subjects and verbs. Move your mouse over the sentences to see if you are correct. The subject is underlined in red, and the verb is highlighted yellow.

Do your homework before you sign on the dotted line for a card.

Annual Fees

Charging an annual fee used to happen all the time. Now, you can find plenty of cards out there that don't charge one.

Check Out Interest Rates

Remember: this is a loan. How much do you want to pay for borrowing this money? 21%, 18%, 12%? Are you EARNING that kind of interest on your savings? Heck, no! Be smart. Shop for the lowest interest rate you can find. Want to know how interest rates can add up? Play around with some numbers using The Mint Debt Calculator. The cost of credit may surprise you.

Beware Introductory Offers

Many cards charge little or no interest for the first 6 months. Be sure to read the terms of the card carefully so that you know what the rate will be after the introductory period is over. Regular rates can be a real surprise.

Late Payment Penalties

They can be high. You could pay a $35 late fee on a $27 debt. Know how much the late fee is. Then get yourself organized so that check gets in the mail on time!

Did you notice some verbs that don't have subjects? These are "imperatives" or "commands." The subject is "you." However, it doesn't say "you." The subject "you" is understood.