Grammar Practice: Frequency Adverbs


When do I use frequency adverbs?
What do they mean?

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Understanding What Frequency Adverbs Mean

Read the questions below. There are three possible answers, and each answer has a frequency adverb. Think about what those frequency adverbs mean in order to figure out the correct answer to each question. When you have finished, press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to see if you are right. Keep trying until you get them all correct.

  1. Who does the most reading?
    Sara usually reads the assignments.
    Jana seldom reads the assignments.
    Antony occasionally reads the assignments.

  2. Who is on time the most?
    Choua is sometimes late.
    Paco is rarely late.
    Dom is almost always late.

  3. Who says what he/she is thinking the most?
    Hibaq frequently speaks her mind.
    Mahamed speaks his mind every day.
    Rania never speaks her mind.

  4. Who is the most dependable?
    You can generally count on Jan.
    You can often count on Ana.
    You can always count on Michiko.

  5. Who has the worst grades?
    Damian regularly fails the quizzes.
    Jorge always fails the quizzes.
    Rebeka hardly ever fails the quizzes.

  6. Who communicates the most?
    I constantly receive emails from Dusty.
    I sometimes receive emails from Wei.
    I regularly receive emails from Trang.

  7. Who is the nicest person?
    John is occasionally rude to other people.
    Deqa is seldom rude to other people.
    Kue is hardly ever rude to other people.

  8. Who goes out at night the least?
    Francine is normally home in the evening.
    Tom is rarely home in the evening.
    Roberto is often home in the evening.

  9. Who gets confused the most?
    Bruno generally understands the lessons.
    Maksym almost always understands the lessons.
    Masaki never understands the lessons.

  10. Who raises his/her hand the least in class?
    Oscar asks questions every day.
    Darline frequently asks questions.
    Ron constantly asks questions.
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