Practice with Punctuating Quotes

The Daily Struggle

  1. "O.K., class, I'd like to collect the homework," announced Daryl.
  2. One student replied, "Did we have homework?"
  3. The other students laughed. Daryl sighed.
  4. "Yes, we had homework. I always give homework," she said.
  5. "Why do you always give homework?" asked some students. "You give too much!"
  6. "Because I want you to learn," replied Daryl.
  7. Again, laughter filled the room.
  8. "No, really, I'm serious. I want you to learn as much as you can!" Daryl emphasized.
  9. "Miss Daryl?" asked another student.
  10. "You can just call me Daryl."
  11. "I did the assignment, but this morning my alarm clock didn't go off, my baby was crying, the car wouldn't start, and I left my homework on the kitchen table," the student explained.
  12. Daryl smiled in sympathy and said, "That's sounds like a bad day. It happens. Bring your assignment next time, O.K.?"
  13. Another student explained, "I didn't really get what we were supposed to do on this worksheet."
  14. "I didn't know that you were going to collect this," a third student said.
  15. Daryl kept a smile on her face although she didn't feel very happy inside. In her head, she said to herself, "Well, tomorrow is another day."