Grammar Lesson:
Introduction to Modal Verbs


When do I use modal verbs?
What do they mean?

Practice with Modal Verb Meanings

Look at the pictures and read the sentences. Which sentences match the pictures? Put a checkmark by those sentences. For each picture, 2 sentences are correct, and 2 are wrong.

No skiing You cannot ski here.
You don't have to ski here.
You must not ski here.
You might not ski here.

Railroad crossing You should look carefully for trains.
You can look carefully for trains.
You might look carefully for trains.
You'd better look carefully for trains.

Ladies restroom Women must find a restroom here.
Women can find a restroom here.
Men may not use this restroom.
Men should not use this restroom.

Do not start fire You have got to start a fire.
You have to be careful of fire.
You would not start a fire.
You mustn't start a fire.

Dead end You might not want this road.
You may not want this road.
You ought to take this road.
You must not take this road.

Do not start fire You would not park here.
You must not park here.
You may not park here.
You could not park here.