Grammar Lesson: Introduction to Modal Verbs


How do I use modal verbs?
What do they look like?

Using Modal Verbs with Main Verbs

Modal verbs are helping verbs, so they are used together with a main verb. Look at the example paragraph, and then answer the questions below.

When you study, you should choose a quiet place. You could study at home or in the library. You might set a schedule, so you study at the same time every day. Forming a study group with other students may help you. You must learn effective study strategies if you want to succeed in college.

Which form of the main verb is correct?

  1. should choose OR should chooses OR should choosing
  2. could studies OR could study OR could studying
  3. might set OR might setting OR might sets
  4. may helping OR may helps OR may help
  5. must learns OR must learn OR must learning

Which rule is correct?

After a modal verb, put "s" on the main verb
After a modal verb, use the "ing" form of the main verb
After a modal verb, use the simple form of the main verb